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Changing "mileage" from revenue to expense

I reimburse my staff milage and in turn charge my clients the direct expense. Right now that is showing up as income and it should be pass though. As a franchise, I would have to pay a fee on any income. Since it is not really income how do I change it? The Franchise told me to switch the line Milage from revenue to "other income" But when I try QB says it can't change the parent account. 

I have tried a number of things, but keep getting told by QB that I can't do that. 


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Changing "mileage" from revenue to expense

"...can't change the parent account..." 


QBs probably is not letting you change it because there are Sub Accounts.  May one for each of your Employees?


Create a new Other Income Account, then go edit the Sub Accounts and move them to be under the new Other Income Account.  NOTE:  QBs probably will not let you do it in one step.  You may first need to make the Sub Acct not a Sub, but it's own account.  Then go make it an Other Income and a Sub of the new Acct you created.


And since the Franchise told you to do this, I'm assuming they do not look ALL Income accounts - which will show up on the Reports.  And I'm guessing they take their fee on gross not net, so the Expense of the mileage is not considered?  (Hopefully Gross less tax & tips!)


If they do look at all Income Accts, then the only other option is to consider it a Liability Acct and that you're reimbursing your employees.  But that may open a can of tax implications since you're charging your clients and paying your employees.  You'd need to run that one by your Accountant.

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