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Chart of Accounts Template for School Foundation

I am looking for a basic COA for a newly formed School Foundation.  The non-profit template QB has is not well suited for a foundation.  Any suggestions of where I can find one?  Thank you!!

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Chart of Accounts Template for School Foundation

The first thing I suggest is that you google for the education chart of accounts for your state.  When I googled for 
chart of accounts for school foundation accounting
I found out that several different states have required chart of accounts


or call the board of education for your state or county

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Chart of Accounts Template for School Foundation

I need help I'm new to QuickBooks online.  We are small NPO running a church and a full time k-12 school about 150 students.

We are using QBO plus, for our school financial.  The church part  they were using Excel spreadsheet since there was nothing much going on.

Recently I was tasked to add the church part to QBO. How do I do this? Would I be still able to use separate chart of accounts for the church and one for the school? Since we would like to keep separate  anda generate reports? 


QuickBooks Team

Chart of Accounts Template for School Foundation

Glad to have you here, @Naila.


I’d be delighted to share some information on how you can keep track and manage the financial details of the church that you’re running.


For starters, one QuickBooks Online subscription is good for one business entity. Since the school and the church are two separate entities, although they are both non-profit organizations, you’ll need to have two different QuickBooks companies. Each account will have different sets of chart of accounts to suit your business needs.


Here’s how to create a second QuickBooks account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose the QuickBooks Online version.
  3. Select Buy Now or Start a Free Trial.
  4. On the signup page, select Sign In.

By clicking Sign In instead of Add another account, you’re putting the two account’s under the same login credentials for easy access. For additional insights, you may check out this article: Switch between company files.


If you need further help with creating a second company, I’d recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team. An agent will be able to access your account in a secured environment and further assist you via remote access.


Here’s how to contact us:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose your QuickBooks Product.
  3. Select your QuickBooks Version.
  4. On the Contact Us page, click a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.

You can always post anytime if you have other questions about managing your QuickBooks subscription. I’m always here to lend a hand.

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Chart of Accounts Template for School Foundation

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate! We are one entity with one EIN number but would like totbe able to have a separate sets of charts of accounts. One for the church and one for the school with two different bank accounts under one organization. Since I'm using QBO plus, I was hoping there's a way to just use one subscription and not pay for a second one.

QuickBooks Team

Chart of Accounts Template for School Foundation

Hi there, Naila.


Thanks for getting back to us. Allow me to help provide some additional option on how you can manage the church and school foundation.


My colleague @IamjuViel provided you the exact information. Since QuickBooks Online is worked as designed to create only one Chart of Accounts (COA), what you can do is, create different accounts for church and school. One done, you can use the Class tracking feature to separate the transactions when you pull up reports. 


To turn on the class tracking feature, here's how:

  1. Select the Gear icon in the Toolbar.
  2. Go to Account and Settings.
  3. In the Categories section, select the edit (pencil) icon.
  4. Choose the category you want to enable and select the settings for the category.
  5. Select Save

To learn more about Class feature, you can check this article: How to set up and use class and location tracking


You may also contact our QuickBooks Online Support Team if you need further assistance with the steps by following the steps provided by my colleague on her post above. 


Feel me in if you have any other questions. We're always here to help you out. Have a good one. 

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