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Choice of period for reports

Our company operates on a calendar year, but when I run reports the options to select are "This Fiscal Year-to-Date", etc.  How can I switch it to just say This Year-to-Date instead?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Choice of period for reports

Hello @Accounts2009,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. I'd be glad to offer some information on setting up the calendar year reports.


Currently, there isn't an option to change the calendar year from "This Fiscal year to date" to "This year to date". As a workaround, you have the option to use "Custom Date" instead. This way you can select a date range to view reports.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports section.
  2. Select Company and Financial.
  3. Choose a report you want to run.
  4. Under Dates scroll down then select Custom.
  5. Select a date range under "From" and "To".


For future reference, please check this article to learn more about Custom Summary and Custom Transaction Detail reports: Customize Reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please feel free to message us if you have other questions and concerns. We are always happy to help. Have a good weekend!

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Re: Choice of period for reports

There isn't a way to do that.  Why do you want to? 

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Re: Choice of period for reports

I thought I found a way to change it at a previous job, so I was going to change it in my current system. Thanks for the info!

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