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Company paying for personal expenses?

Would there be a journal entry for a company paying the property tax for the personal residence of its majority shareholder or would this be violating the separate entity assumption? If no then what accounts would be affected?

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Company paying for personal expenses?

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Company paying for personal expenses?

It's not a Journal Entry. It is a Check Expense or Credit Card Charge entry. Use your Spending Transaction types. Not JE.


And yes, this is Never a good transaction. You just violated the separation of Self and the business entity; this is called Commingling.


Also, since you stated "majority" shareholder, you opened another door to a different issue. All Shareholders would get pro rata distributions; or this person now has Debt to pay to the corporation. Or, they get this Taxed through Payroll.


Everything about this is the wrong thing to have done.


That article doesn't come Close to describing what needs to be done. It doesn't even take into consideration this might not be an Equity activity at all. It depends on the tax entity type. The Amount even matters. In the US, a shareholder loan balance might be subject to imputed interest per the IRS.

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