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Continually defaulting back to Intuit Invoice Template with minimal change capabilities

When invoicing, we have created a template that suits our business but it only applies to a few customers. The rest are defaulted back to the changes the owner made to the original template they started with. This will only allow you to make minimal changes and that is maxed out. I can copy the original template and make changes but then I am back to the same issue with it defaulting back to the same original that doesn't present the way we would like it to. What can I do to fix this. I cannot delete the original provided template. 

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QuickBooks Team

Continually defaulting back to Intuit Invoice Template with minimal change capabilities

Hi there, MindyJane.


Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you've created the invoice template and the steps you've taken to resolve this issue. I'd be glad to help you fix this and make sure your invoices will present the way you like it.


When creating invoices in QuickBooks, the last template that was used will be set as the default option the next time you create one. If an invoice was accidentally created with the wrong template, allow me to walk you through the steps on how to correct it:

  1. From the Customers menu, select Customer Center.
  2. Go to the Transactions tab, then choose Invoices.
  3. Find the invoice, then double-click it to open the transaction.
  4. From the Template drop-down menu, select the template you created.
  5. Hit Save & Close and repeat these steps for the other invoices.

I'm including an article with additional insight on this: Use and customize form templates


That should do it! Keep in touch if there's anything else I can help you with. Have a great day.

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