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Correct GLs on exported journal entries

If I export details for any account to Excel, the Split column for every Journal Entry is labeled with the top line of the Journal, rather than the actual Split GL entered for that row.
My monthly Cost of Goods journal entry has 38 rows, so this makes it very tedious to try and work with the data in Excel. Any workarounds or fixes for this?

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Re: Correct GLs on exported journal entries

Hi there, @ekileen.


I'm here to help share information about creating a journal entry and running/exporting reports to Excel.


When creating a journal entry with multiple lines or rows, the system will automatically identify the entry as a split transaction reason why the SPLIT mark is labeled at the first line or top line of the entry.


You can see attached screenshots for additional reference.

j8 journa entry....PNG

j8 when running the reports.PNG

j8 when exporting the report to excel.PNG


As of now, this is how QuickBooks works. For additional information about journal entry, you may check this article: Record a journal entry.


However, you may open the transaction journal to see all of the accounts on the entry.


  1. Click on the line with the SPLIT label.j9 split1.PNG
  2. Press Ctrl + Y on your keyboard.j9 ctrl + Y.PNG

j9 transaction journal.PNG

As always, please feel free to add a post/comment below if you have any other questions about journal entry or reports. I'll be always here to help you however I can.

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Re: Correct GLs on exported journal entries

Yes, that's how it works:  On a detail report, the Split column shows the 'other' account compared to the current line's  Account.


So for a simple check, the bank account line's Split is the expense account and the expense account's Split is the bank account.


If the check (or other transaction) has more than one detail line, then the Split column shows only [Split] for the bank account line because it cannot show more than one account and there is more than one to choose from.


Generally think of the Split account as interesting, but not that useful.  Use the Account column to see the account for each detail line of a transaction.