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Cost by services provided


  • I am a sole proprietor LLC and my business is an IT consulting practice.
  • I use QuickBooks online "Plus"
  • I want to track costs per each service provided to customers including Jobs for the customer, admin expenses, marketing expenses (general expenses that are divided by the quantity of the orders)

    Is there any way to track by each customer the cost of service provided  ?
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Cost by services provided

admin expenses are just that, the cost of running the business, you would spend that amount whether you have a job or not, so really they do not cost to services provided. And it would be really hard to do, if you have four jobs this month but 8 next, how do you know to portion out those expenses against each job ahead of time? An expense exists when you pay it,


marketing is basically the same thing, marketing expense covers all your jobs, unless it is a targeted discounted sale for a certain period of time. Even then it is easier to report on marketing for that specific period it applies to and contrast that with sales for the same period that used that marketing discount


consulting implies a lot of time spent, your time is not an expense, though you can charge the customer for it, so there is no expense to account for

Cost of services, is the cost of what you buy for the job, contractors you pay for a specific function if you need it, etc and yes those type of expenses can be costed against a job - project in QBO

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