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Creating bank feed rules with specific non-connected words

Can I create a Bank Feed renaming rule that will identify a description that has two words that are not connected? Like if the bank feed description is:

09/17 Amzn Mktp US*Ku98b3u WA Card 9237

Can I create a rule that will rename it buy using disconnected words like "Amzn" and "Card"?

Or under the "...Do This" section of creating a rule, can I use "And" instead of "Or" for using multiple criteria?


Can "Contains" include disconnected words like the example above?





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Creating bank feed rules with specific non-connected words

Yes, you can, @MGITMONEYGUY.


Bank rules in QuickBooks Desktop are company file-specific. Thus, it will recognize the keywords you've created. 


To ensure QuickBooks will identify your bank rules quickly, you can click the plus button under the Descriptions column to add more keywords. The other option is to use "And" in the Do This section as what you've suggested. 


For more insights, please review this article: Use renaming rules for QuickBooks Desktop.


Once everything's good, you can start reconciling your account to ensure the accuracy of your books.


In case you encounter some issues with your accounts connected to Bank Feeds, you can use this article to resolve them: Re-brand or reset accounts for Bank Feeds access.


You can count on me if you have additional questions about handling your banking in QuickBooks Desktop. I'd be happy to help. Take care.

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