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Custom Expense Report in QuickBooks Desktop

How do you create a custom report that includes the following:

1) Shows transaction details for a specific set of accounts for a specified period (e.g. month)..most but not all of the accounts are expense accounts. It is not all expense accounts.

2) Report includes subtotals for each account.

3) The report only includes transactions from a specific bank account. (The company has multiple bank accounts that they write checks against).


The Transaction details columns Type, Date, Num, Name, Memo, Amount, Split.


We have a Memorized Report that includes the detailed transactions with subtotals by the selected accounts that is what we want. (Used Account filter for mulitple  The issue is that transactions from more than one bank account are picked up. The requirement is that the transactions picked up should only be from the one bank account that we want to report against.


Any recommendations on what custom report options to use are greatly appreciated.


Re: Custom Expense Report in QuickBooks Desktop

Hello there, lmaklary.


Thanks for providing detailed information. I'm here to help share ideas about customizing reports.


Based on the information you've provided, you can run the Transaction Detail Report in QuickBooks Desktop in which you can customize it. However, able to have all the details you'd need in one report isn't an option. Since, you can customize the filters to show transactions for a specific set of accounts with each subtotals but not for a specific bank account. For the meantime, what you can do is to run the Transaction Detail Report for the period you'd need, then export the report to excel.


From there, you can customize and filter it on the information that you need.


To give you more of an idea about running reports in QuickBooks Desktop, you can refer this article: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


I understand how the workflow you're looking for would be beneficial to your business. Though our Feedback Board has been closed, I can pass it along here on my end.


If there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know by commenting below. I'm more than happy to offer additional assistance.

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Re: Custom Expense Report in QuickBooks Desktop

Thanks for the prompt response.

Yes, I'd appreciate it if you can share the request with engineering on your side what we were looking to do within QuickBooks Desktop. 


I have not checked whether it's possible in QuickBooks Online, but I would think that the use case would be valuable in that product as well. 


Thanks again, Linda

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