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Bookkeeper Bob1
Level 1

Custom report with PROJECT as a column



I need a report that shows revenue and expenses posted to PROJECTS.


I want the following columns in my revenue report.




Invoice No.

Invoice Date




I want the same for project costs as follows.




Bill No.

Bill Date



But I'm not seeing a was to include PROJECT as a column.


Can anyone help?

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Custom report with PROJECT as a column

Hello @Bookkeeper Bob1,


You can pull up and customize your Transaction List by Date report to see your project indicated in one of the columns.

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Select Transaction List by Date.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Under Filter, select Transaction Type.
  5. On the Transaction Type menu, select Invoice and Bill.
  6. Click Run report.

From here, your project is indicated in the NAME column. I'm adding a few references here to learn more about how you can save your report after customizing it.


Keep me posted in the comments if you have any other questions.

Bookkeeper Bob1
Level 1

Custom report with PROJECT as a column

I find that this works with (sales) invoices.  The Customer:project does appear in the NAME filed.

But, it doesn't work that way with (vendor) bills, expense or checks.  In this case the NAME field displays the Vendor.

Got any other ideas to get the report I need>


Appreciate your help.


Bookkeeper Bob

QuickBooks Team

Custom report with PROJECT as a column

Hello @Bookkeeper Bob1,


You can use the Transaction Detail by Account report and filter it to view the vendor transactions billable to your projects. Let me walk you through how.


  1. Go to Reports, then type "Transaction List by Account".
  2. Click the Customize button, then the Rows/Columns drop-down and change the Group by drop-down to Customer.
  3. Scroll down to the Filter drop-down, then select Transaction Type.
  4. Mark the box next to Bill, Expense, and Check. You can also mark the Customer box and choose the your project.
  5. Snap the Run report button.

The screenshot below will show you how it looks like.


You might also want to check the available project reports to see how much you're making or losing on the project. Here's how:


  1. Go to Projects, then select the project name.
  2. Click the Project Reports tab.
  3. Choose Project profitability (without time cost) report. Then, View.

Learn more about the project feature by clicking this link: Set up and create projects in QuickBooks Online. Feel free to also visit our page for tips and recommendations about income and expenses.


Should you have other questions and concerns, please let me know. I'll be around for you. Thanks for posting and keep safe.


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