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Customize Estimate Template

Hi all!  


I'm on a QuickBooks Pro demo and had a question about customizing the estimate template. I currently have to create estimates manually because I've not found a way to digitize the first portion of our estimate process.  


For my line of service work, the first part of the estimate is really just picking and choosing before getting down to the more traditional item/quantity section. For instance, our first charge is from selecting the package type, let's say small is $200 and medium is $500 and so on. There are some add-on options, let's say "upgrade 1" for +$50 or "upgrade 2" for +$75. Lastly, there are a few universal options that do not have costs associated with it, let's say "installation date range" or "product color"  


All that to say, is there anyway to create a template that has checkboxes, some of which contain money values, which when selected are then added into the overall total of the estimate?  


Thanks for any input!

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QuickBooks Team

Customize Estimate Template

Adding checkboxes to an estimate would really be useful for your business, user324209.


Currently, we can only add items without checkboxes. I will reach out to our developers and share this idea with them. That way, they can consider adding this option in future updates.


You can try looking for third-party apps that can generate an estimate with options to add checkboxes.

  1. Open this link:
  2. In the CATEGORIES section, click to expand the Estimating and Bidding category.
  3. Check out the suggested apps. You can also search for something like estimate to see the list of apps for creating estimates.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them in the Community.

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