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Deleting An Invoice Which Has Already Been Paid

This is a confusing situation (to me!!!), and I hope I can explain it clearly.  We are a fence installer for Lowe's.  We were contracted to install a fence in September.  The labor payout was to include removal of old fencing, trees and shrubs along one side of the yard.  When our installers arrived to install the fence, the customer changed her mind about the removal.  She told our installers to install only 3 sides, she said she'd do all the removal and call us when the fence line was cleared.   The difference in labor was $500.


Lowe's pays us through auto bank deposits.....they paid us the original amount in September, instead deducting the $500 and paying us the difference, I applied it to the original outstanding invoice,  still thinking Lowe's would vendor debit my account for the $500, which they never did (and I totally forgot about it).  


The customer did not call until the beginning of November to let us know her fence line was clear and ready for install.   At this time, Lowe's refunded and re-billed the entire job, and paid us again for the correct amount of labor.  So, they paid twice for the same job.....


So now I have 2 invoices paid, and funds deposited for the same job.  Lowe's has finally debited my account for the original labor amount, and I don't know how to record any of it! 




Thank you!

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Deleting An Invoice Which Has Already Been Paid

 You don't say what the original amount was but I will use 2,000 as an example


Sept - you have an invoice for 2K, and got paid 2K, invoice is paid and money is deposited

Nov - you have an invoice for 2K, and got paid, invoice is paid and money is deposited

Dec -lowes takes back the original 2K from the bank


write a check on the bank, change the check number to EFT, do not print this is data entry, as the expense for the check select the sales income discount account, and enter the 2K


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