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Do I enter Home Depot, Lowe's HD supply, etc, as vendors?

We have a concrete business. We run to Lowe's, Home Depot, HD Supply, Costco, the post office and various other tools/supply stores on a daily basis. Do I enter them as vendors? We never pay cash for those, it's always on a card (debit or credit).

We do not charge the client for what we buy, we just need the supplies/tools to perform the job at hand. Some of those tools/supplies may be used for other projects, but that's not always the case. Therefore, we can't really add them to a specific job. 

When I say "Costco" I mean we buy water for the guys, for example, so I know that is a different type of expense than the tools/supplies, but do I still enter Costco as a vendor?

Sorry I sound confused, I am.  

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Do I enter Home Depot, Lowe's HD supply, etc, as vendors?



Yes, you would still list these people as vendors.  Usually anyone you have to pay money to as an expense to do business can be considered a vendor.

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