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Do you have to create a Melio account in order to pay via QBO?

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Do you have to create a Melio account in order to pay via QBO?

QuickBooks is currently rolling out Bill Pay powered by Melio to QuickBooks Online (QBO) users. You can easily identify your accounts that have Bill Pay powered by Melio enabled, because on the "bills" screen in QBO you'll see "schedule payment" buttons.


Another option, you may open a free MP account and manage your users separately with QB Online users.



QuickBooks Team

Do you have to create a Melio account in order to pay via QBO?

Welcome to the Community, @rhamad. Yes, you'll have to sign up for free to use Bill pay in QBO. 


To get started, click the Get started now button on this page: Pay bills online for free, right from QuickBooks.


Should you have more questions about Melio, you'll want to chat with Melio's team member by using the intercom Chat bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 


For future reference, read through this article: Online Bill Pay in QuickBooks Online. It contains helpful insights into the features and benefits of using Bill Pay. 


Let me know if you have any questions about QuickBooks. We're always delighted to assist. 




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Do you have to create a Melio account in order to pay via QBO?

This is a complete breach of trust by Intuit. I have already convinced my client to purchase checks from Intuit so we can print checks directly from his QBO account. Now I am being forced to give his financial info to a third party company just so I can print checks? Or I have to use the New button and write a check, then go back to the bill to attach the check to the bill? Is that even possible? We will NOT be using this service for any type of payment so why is it attached to his account? We did not request it nor is it listed in our Apps for this clients' account. 


This is the second time I have dealt with this issue through QBO support. A few weeks after it first appeared and I contacted them it was removed. Now it is back and support is telling me it can't be removed and will be added to my other clients'' accounts as well? And there is no way to opt out? 


I am seriously not happy about this and I will fight to have this useless tool removed from all of my accounts.

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