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Download all invoices but not individually for a certain date range (2015-2018/09)



I want to download all invoices for a certain date range (2015-2018/09). Via the report Invoice list, I know which invoices I'm looking for, but I'm not able to download out of that list (all at once).

If I go to Sales / invoices, I can start a batch, but these are not all the invoices.


Thanks for the feedback !



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QuickBooks Team

Download all invoices but not individually for a certain date range (2015-2018/09)

Hello there, Veerle Sarrazijin.


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community.  Allow me to address your concern in regard to downloading invoices for a certain date range in QuickBooks Desktop.


As of this time, the option to download invoices all at once isn’t available. By using the batch options, you can only print invoices and other transactions.


What you can do is save the invoices individually as PDF or run a report with all of your invoices and export it using Excel. You can follow the steps provided below.


To save the invoice as PDF:
1.    Click on the invoice.
2.    Select the drop-down arrow below the Print icon.
3.    Choose Save As PDF.
4.    Follow the prompt to save the invoice.


To run and export report:
1.    Click Customers on the top menu bar and select Customer Center.
2.    Select Transactions tab and choose Invoices.
3.    On the Filter By drop-down, select All Invoices.
4.    On the Date section, select the date range.
5.    Click the Run Reports drop-down and select View as a Report.
6.    You can customize the report or change the date range from the Invoice for All Customers screen.
7.    Once done, click the Excel drop-down and select Create New Worksheet to export report using Excel.


While the option you need isn’t available, I’d encourage you to send feedback to our product developers for consideration in future product enhancements.
To send feedback:
1.    Click Help on the top menu bar.
2.    Select Send Feedback Online.


Let me know if you need anything else. I’m always here to help. Have a good one!

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