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Duplicate invoice payment for vendors...

I'm fairly new to QB and I need some help with this.  I work for a construction company and my boss hired me to work with QB to get everything off the "paper ways".  He has a physical checkbook with him as well as QB checks. Long story short, I have paid our vendor for the invoices they sent us ( enter bill/pay bill) and now I need to figure out how to insert the manual check he wrote them for those invoices plus another one.

So there's no confusion here I'll use an example:

Inv # 1 + Inv# 2=check #1 (enter bill/pay bill in QB check)

Inv# 1+Inv#2+Inv#3=check #2 (manual/handwritten)


Help me please! Please be as detailed as you can.  I really want to understand how to do this because I have a feeling this won't be the last time I ran to this problem. Thank you in advance.

PS. I do not have an accountant version just Pro Version for Construction business.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Duplicate invoice payment for vendors...

Greetings, @urszula!


You can write a check for your accounts payable so you can pay your bills. It'll be my pleasure to help you accomplish this.

  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Select Write Checks.
  3. Choose your bank account.
  4. Under Expenses, select your accounts payable.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Click Save.

This way, it'll create a credit for your vendor which you can use as payment for your unpaid bills.


From there, you can go back and open your bills payment. And then choose the check as the payment for your bills.


As always, you can visit our Help Articles page for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac if in case you need to learn some "How do I" steps.


It'll be always my pleasure to help if you have any other questions. I'll be keeping an eye for your response.

Community Contributor *

Re: Duplicate invoice payment for vendors...

@JonpriL  thank you for the response.  I also have received a refund check for these invoices. Would I then use the same “account payable” to clear the credit once the check is deposited?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Duplicate invoice payment for vendors...

Thanks for reaching back out, @urszula.


Allow me to provide some details on how to handle the refund checks that you received in QuickBooks Desktop.


Yes, you'll need to use the Accounts Payable to offset the open credit once it has been deposited. To give you more insights about dealing with refund checks in QuickBooks Desktop, please check out this reference: Record a vendor refund in QuickBooks Desktop.


Also, here are great articles that you can visit about how accounts receivable and payable works:

In case you need further assistance with the process, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team


I'm just a reply away should you need anything else about this concern. I want to ensure you're all set. Wishing you and your business continued success!

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