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Equivalent to Vendor Balance Detail from Desktop + Organize by Date



There are two pieces to this.


The first is: In QuickBooks Desktop 2017, which we used previously, the Vendor Balance Detail was a complete list of unpaid and paid bills, along with applied payments and the total open balance for each vendor.


From what we have found so far, QuickBooks Online Plus splits these into two reports - Vendor Balance Detail now shows unpaid bills and the open balance. Bills and Applied Payments shows paid bills and the payments that were applied to them.


Does QuickBooks Online Plus have a SINGLE report to view these again, and if so, how do we access it?


The second thing: within the Bills and Applied Payments report, there's no clear organization under individual vendors. The vendors are organized alphabetically, but then the first bill is from Sept 2019, then something from March, and then September again, etc. 


It also doesn't seem to line up with check or other reference numbers, and none of the filter or sorting options seem to change this, just what order the columns are displayed and what information is present.


How do we sort bills UNDER each vendor?


Thank you!

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Kristine Mae

Equivalent to Vendor Balance Detail from Desktop + Organize by Date

I'm here to answer all your reporting questions, JennyS0.


Let's start with the first one. I can think of one report that you can open and customize to show the information you need. Let's pull up the Transaction List by Vendor report, then customize it. This way, it'll show the bills, bill payments, and open balances. Although, you have to export it, so you can get the total open balance of each vendor. Here's how:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Enter Transaction List by Vendor in the Find report by name field.
  3. Click Customize, then go to Rows/Columns.
  4. Click Change columns, then tick the Open Balance box.
  5. Go to Filter.
  6. Click the Transaction Type drop-down arrow, then select Bill, Bill Payment (Check), and Bill Payment (Credit Card).
  7. Click Run report.

Here's how it looks like:


Then, click the Export icon, then select Export to Excel to manually calculate the total open balance.


Let's go over to the second question. The Bills and Applied Payments report will show the bill payments first, then will show the transactions linked to it (bills, deposits, or vendor credit). This is the reason why we're unable to sort the bills under each vendor.



I'll provide a tutorial on how you can customize reports and emails as a future reference. 


Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you have more questions. You can also tag me and I'll personally get back to you as soon as I can. 

Level 1

Equivalent to Vendor Balance Detail from Desktop + Organize by Date

Thank you for taking the time to reply!


Part of what we're doing here is trying to keep our workflow as simplified/undisturbed as possible, which it seems may just not be possible. It seems a lot of features we relied on just don't have equivalents anymore.  We're going to keep experimenting!


I suppose if we have one further question/suggestion - if there is anyway to make it possible to further organize the Bills and applied payments in the future, that would be a useful feature. Looking at it, it would seem to make sense - if all the bills have their payments attached, shouldn't you be able to organize them within the vendor category? But that comes without much knowledge of programming, hence: a possible request.

QuickBooks Team

Equivalent to Vendor Balance Detail from Desktop + Organize by Date

Hello there, @JennyS0.


This can help other users who are also having this issue. I understand how this feature is important to your business.


I'll ensure to share your idea with our Product Development Team. They'll evaluate and put this into consideration for product updates.


For now, you can check regularly our QuickBooks Online Blog for product updates and feature enhancements.


On the other hand, if there are any features you’re having trouble locating or any that aren’t working as they should, these articles will come in handy: QuickBooks Online Help Articles.


Please leave a comment below if you have other questions. I'd be glad to assist you.

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