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Estimate Disappeared After Saving

You people from quickbooks keep trying to give solutions to everything but the problem. It is not a auto log out issue or troubleshooting issue, it's a feature that QBO lacks witch is the AUTO SAVE feature we are all wanting. I just spent 2 hours entering a very long invoice and when I hit save, it disappeared due the time I spent idle. The thing is, is that the system didn't log me out until I hit save, so it let me finish all my work and then auto logged me out, This isn't a free service, we pay for this (In more ways than one) fix it please!

CS Kalb 1
Level 1

Estimate Disappeared After Saving

The same thing just happened to me!! Spent 2 hours in a estimate and went to hit save, and poof it was gone!! I can't tell you how pissed I am am right now!!  

Level 1

Estimate Disappeared After Saving

Yeah QBO is garbage! Erasing quantities/rates and randomly kicking me out in the middle of an estimate... time is money and i dont have time for this trash app... any suggestions on a different software?? This is costing me money and stress

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