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Expense vs COGS

We have a short - term rental business and I am not sure how to catagorize our online booking system subscription.    We pay a monthly fee to a company that allows us to take our own private  bookings and payments online.  Would this be COGS, Advertising Expense, or Office Expense?  We also take bookings for VRBO, and pay them an annual fee of $399.  I've catagorized this as an Advertising Expense.

QuickBooks Team

Expense vs COGS

Hey, @cleco.


I'm unable to advise you on which route to take, but you can consult with your accountant to get the best accounting advice for your unique business.


This is an additional link that may come in handy in the future about categorizing your transactions.


Remember, I'm only a post away if you need me. Enjoy your weekend.

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Expense vs COGS


Explore this rental management app and integrate it with your QBD.


Hope it helps.

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