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Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

Hi All!


Our outsourced bookkeeping company has been utilizing "Non-Inventory" items on our invoices because they were not using the inventory module at the start of selling. However, after deciding to utilize the inventory module, I am looking to find out if there's a way to export all the invoice sale lines to Excel (all have been using the "Non-Inventory" items), replace the items with newly created "Inventory" items, and import back into QBO.


The main issue we are contending with is that the synced Shopify account we have is creating single case invoices from e-commerce/DTC sales, so going invoice by invoice to making this change isn't feasible due to the volume.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Also, if I am overlooking any potential issues, please let me know! One I thought of was making sure to just clean up 2020 invoice lines in order to preserve 2018/2019 financials/the manual inventory valuations pre-inventory module use.

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Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

Hello there, @MilkMan.


You can export the invoice transactions that have been using the Non-inventory and import it as Inventory in QuickBooks. Keep in mind that once you import a list it can't be undone. You can only import 1,000 rows at a time since you have a bigger invoice volume, you can split it up into multiple, smaller files.


Here's how to import your products and services:


  1. Click on the Gear icon.
  2. Under Tools, choose Import Data.
  3. From the list, select Products and Services.
  4. In the Import Products and Services page, select the Browser button. (You can also download the sample file to see how the columns look like.)
  5. Find and select the Excel file then select Open.
  6. Select Next to continue.
  7. Map your data. 
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Check the Overwrite all values for each product or service that you import with the identical name. (This can't be undone.)
  10. Click on Import.


Also, to avoid any potential issues upon importing make sure to map the items correctly. For more information about this, see this article: Import products and services from Excel


I'm also adding this article to learn more about changing product and service items in QBO.


In case you need help in accomplishing other tasks in QBO, you check our Get Started article for reference.


You can always add a comment below if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help. 

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Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

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Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

Thank you for the reply, Joesem, but could you please provide instructions on how to export the invoice transactions so that I can edit the items and import back into QBO? Understood on how to export/import the item list to edit products/services as I've used that feature before. Thank you!


Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

Thanks for getting back to us, MilkMan.


Currently, we don't have an option to export transactions such as invoices in QuickBooks Online. Instead, we can look for a third party application that integrate with QBO and export your invoices.

  1. Log in to your QBO account and select Apps on the left menu.
    You can also go to this link:
  2. Go to the Find Apps tab and search for a migration/exporting tool.
  3. Integrate the app to QBO so you can export the invoices.

After exporting the invoices from QBO using a third-party app, you can already update the items and save the changes.


Once you're done, you can already follow the steps provided Joesem M to import the invoices back in QuickBooks Online.


Otherwise, you'll have to open each invoices and change the items manually.


We'll be right here if you have additional questions regarding the invoices.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?


You may need a 3rd party tool to do so. Export the transaction data out, modify and import them back. Don't forget to delete the old data.



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Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

When I attempt this with one item as a test before going on a grander scale, I get the message 0 of 0 imported.  The reason appears to be that I'm not importing all fields, just the ones I want to update.  I don't get any errors on the mapping field except that Type: Non-inventory   The program appears to be looking for a data type of category in place of the Type field, which isn't currently in use in my QBO file. Category is not a listed field when in the product and services area or in reporting for same. Importing to any fields other than name and type, will not allow me to batch correct inventory and non-inventory items as desired.  Importing all fields, is too easy to screw up data other than what I want to correct.  Thoughts?  Seems like a bug to me.

QuickBooks Team

Export/Import to Repace "Non-Inventory" Item w/ an "Inventory Item"?

Hello there, @D-Rich-Sr.


Changing the inventory type during the importing process is currently not available. However, you can do it one-by-one. I can guide you in doing so,

  1. Go to the Sales menu.
  2. Select the Products and Services tab.
  3. Locate the imported product and service items.
  4. From the Action column, click the Edit link.
  5. Click the Change Type link.
  6. Choose its new Product or Service Type.
  7. Hit the Save and Close button.

You can read through this article for more detailed information about the process: Change product and service item types in QuickBooks Online.


I'm adding these articles as an additional reference to help you manage your product and service items:

Get back to us here if you have other questions about managing your inventory items in QuickBooks. I'm always here to help.

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