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Export MPN with IIF list


We are using QB Desktop Pro 2018

We are exporting our item list via IIF file to excel for cleanup before re-importing to a new QB file. When we do the iif export, we don't see the MPN header or the MPN field/data in the export file. 


I understand how to select the MPN field in the items list report, but I do not see anything that controls the exported field settings for the iif export. 


Is there a setting or other way to ensure the MPN is exported with the list item data to the iif file.




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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Export MPN with IIF list

If you didn't find it in the IIF template, you may utilize one of these 3rd party migration tools




The template if Item List should be like this

Item NameItem TypeIs ActiveSales DescriptionPurchase DescriptionTax CodeAccount/Income AccountExpense/COGS AccountAsset AccountCostPreferred VendorPrice or %Reorder PointManuf Part NumberUnit of MeasureMax
Green WidgetInventory PartYWidget SalesWidget PurchaseTax   General SalesGeneral Cost of Goods SoldInventory Asset10ABC Vendor151012345 30
General ServicesServiceYServices SalesServices PurchaseNonSpecialized SalesSpecialized Expenses 8DEF Vendor9    
General PartsNon-inventory PartYPart SalesPart PurchasesTax   General SalesGeneral Cost of Goods Sold 7GHI Vendor8    


Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Export MPN with IIF list

I just realized you are using QBD Pro. MPN should be only available in QBD Premier Manufacturing edition and Enterprise Manufacturing edition.

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Export MPN with IIF list

Unfortunately that field isn't included in the IIF file format for items.

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Export MPN with IIF list

most garbage edition of quickbooks ever. you have to go through ten times as much work as previous editions. 

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