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Exporting to Excel

I am running QB Desktop 2020 for Mac. When downloading a report to Excel, I click the "export" button but I do not get a dropdown menu (I'd like to choose to update an existing downloaded report format vs. creating a new download file).  Is there some set-up I need to do to allow this feature?  I have previously downloaded reports from QB to Excel...but QB does not seem to recognize they exist.


Exporting to Excel

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, Redhawk. I appreciate all the detailed information you have shared. Since you are using Quickbooks Desktop 2020, it is recommended to check the system requirement and software compatibility. For exporting report data, Apple Numbers v3.5, Microsoft Excel 2016, or later, including Mac Office 365, is needed.


Since reports are not able to automatically combine in Quickbooks Mac Desktop, another way is manually exporting reports from each file and merging it with Microsoft Excel. Here's how:


  1. Open the company file.
  2. On the report that is needed, export to an Excel worksheet and save the Workbook.
  3. Locate the second company file and follow the same procedure as the second step.
  4. Open excel and the workbook.
  5. Manually combine the reports by using the third worksheet and save the information.

This way, you can compare the same report across all your companies in one report.


If you need additional assistance, simply reply below. The Community and I got your back always. Take care.

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Exporting to Excel

Thanks SashaMC.  I have the comparable software on my Mac.  All the training video's show that when you click the "export" button from a QB report, that a drop-down menu should appear which then gives you the option to download a new report, or update an existing Excel file...however when I hit the export button, I do not get the menu and there report is automatically downloaded into a new Excel workbook.  Is there some special set-up in QB preferences that I need to adjust or change?

Kristine Mae
QuickBooks Team

Exporting to Excel

The steps provided by SashaMC should help you with exporting the report, Reedhawk.


There's nothing to adjust or change. Since you're unable to export the report, I'd suggest reaching out to our customer care support so an agent can walk you through. Here's how:

  1. Open this link.
  2. Select QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Click Using QuickBooks for Mac, then select Start a Message.

Also, you can visit QuickBooks for Mac Little Square. This website will provide you helpful articles.


You can always visit our website if you have other concerns. Don't hesitate to reach out to us again.

Level 1

Exporting to Excel

I followed your link and opened a chat with someone who clearly had little knowledge of Quickbooks.  He then asked for a series of personal information and also wanted information regarding my business and company (which is not on file with Inuit anywhere).  He said it was "Intuit policy" to obtain my company's name and info, but when I challenged why he would need this he ended our chat.  Is this a fraud?


Exporting to Excel

Hello again, Redhawk


Your security is important to us and I appreciate you following the suggestions provided by my colleagues above. 


When contacting the Customer Care Team, one of our support agents will pull up your account in a secured environment. To do so, they'll ask information about your account. 


Since the chat ended, I'd recommend letting the next representative know you've contacted us prior. They have the necessary tools to trace the previous conversation.


If you need tips and related articles in managing your account, visit our Community Help Articles hub.


Know that I'm always here to help if you have other QuickBooks concerns. Just leave a comment below. Have a great day!

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