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Hi, i need to invoice and I enter the customer name and it does not pull. I have been trying since yesterday, how can i correct this?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Hi, i need to invoice and I enter the customer name and it does not pull. I have been trying ...

Hi there, @monicacuevasdela


Thanks for posting here in the Community.


If you've already added this customer in QuickBooks, it will be available in the customer's drop-down list when you enter the customer's name on the invoice page. However, if you're trying to enter a new customer, you'll need to select Add New and save it so it will be recorded successfully.  


Let me walk you through creating an invoice and help ensure that you're able to add your customer successfully. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Plus icon, then choose Invoice.
  2. Click the Customer drop-down, then select the name of your customer on the list. 
  3. If this is a new customer or if you can't find the customer in the Customer drop-down list, choose the +Add New. then do the following: 
  • In the New Customer window, enter the customer's name in the Name field. 
  • Ensure to click the Save button.

       4. Verify the other information as well.

       5. From the Terms drop-down, choose the term you expect the payment from your customer.
       6. Check the Invoice date and the Due date.
       7. Select the item or service that is being billed under the Product/Service column.
       8. Complete the rest of the fields as needed. Some fields, such as tax rate, may be required.
       9. Click Save or Save and close.


For future reference, you read through our help article: Record a customer payment. It helps you learn about how to receive payments if an invoice is paid. 


I'd be delighted to know how it goes, @monicacuevasdela. Feel free to message us again if you have more questions. We're always happy to help. 

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