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How calculate inventory on hand in QuickBooks Desktop

I need calculate the inventory on hand in QuickBook Desktop from database. 

which are the tables that participate in this calculation?

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QuickBooks Team

How calculate inventory on hand in QuickBooks Desktop

Hi there, jorge1387.


Thanks for dropping by the Community, the only way to track your inventory you have on hand would be to use our Advanced inventory tracking system. Which is exclusive to our QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise product. You can find the steps to set that up here.

If you don't have enterprise, but would like to check out more information on it and its features, you can check out this link


Thank you for your time and have a nice afternoon. 

Community Champion

How calculate inventory on hand in QuickBooks Desktop

The inventory balances are calculated by QuickBooks based on all of the transactions the use the items.  This includes purchases and sales and also inventory adjustments. 


So, in effect it's the tables of transactions that has to be impacted - by recording transactions.


Inventory adjustments can impact Quantity on Hand, Value, or Both. Recording them may be a way to get what you want.


If you want to import them in batches instead of manually recording them, you can use our BRC IIF Transaction Creator Pro  to do that.

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