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How can I customize invoices to add more things on the header?



I'm trying to customize the invoices to have 4 custom things on the top right but it only lets me add the invoice number, the terms and two dates. I have to add 2 custom numbers but I find no way.


Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How can I customize invoices to add more things on the header?

Good day @hmonterocargo,

Let me help you add those custom numbers so you can represent your brand.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the Gear icon, then Custom Form Styles under Your Company.
  2. From the New style drop-down menu, select Invoice.
  3. Click Content.
  4. Go to the Header section from the form preview to make changes.
  5. Choose Use custom transaction numbers.
  6. Click on the + Custom field. You can add up to three custom fields.
  7. Select Done.

You can also change the look and feel of your invoices to highlight the brand of your business. Please refer to this article for further details: How to Customize Invoices, Estimates, and Sales Receipts.

That should get you on the right path. Please let me know how your report turns out or post again if you need other help. Have a great day!

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