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How can i riprint checks

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QuickBooks Team

How can i riprint checks

Hi there, @denada85.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.  I'd be happy to assist you with reprinting checks in QuickBooks Online.


Let me guide you how:

  1. From the left menu, select Reports.
  2. Look for Check Detail report.
  3. From the report, select the check you'd like to print.
  4. If you're printing a single check, select Print check.


If you're printing multiple checks, printing it individually or you wanted to add them to the print queue so you can print them in batches, please follow these steps: 


  1. Open the checks you want to print one at a time.
  2. Select Print Later.
  3. Select Save.
  4. After you've done this for all of the checks to print, select the Plus icon (+) at the top, then Print Checks.
  5. Choose the Bank Account from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the checks you want to print in this batch.
  7. Select Preview and Print. then Print.

Also, you can check out this article about reprinting checks and sales forms in QuickBooks Online for your reference: How to reprint checks and sales forms.


There you go, @denada85. You can now reprint your checks. 


Feel free to reach back out to me if you have any other concerns. I'm always here to help. Wishing you and your business continued successes!

Level 1

How can i riprint checks

The checks are not on the report

QuickBooks Team

How can i riprint checks

Let's ensure that the report is still in your register, Gamesnsuch.


When you run the Check Detail report, just make sure that the date range is within the date of the check for it to be included in the report. The check might have also been deleted or voided if you're unable to see it in your register. 


You can run the Audit Log report to verify:


  1. Go to the Gear icon and click Audit log.
  2. From the Filter drop-down, enter the date from when you have created the check.
  3. Select the Show only these events option and check Transactions and Lists.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Look for the Check and select View to get the full details.

If the check was mistakenly deleted or voided, you can use the details shown in the audit log in re-entering it and print it from there.


Feel free to use these links that will help you handle transactions and checks: 


Let me know if you have other questions. Take care and have a great day!

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