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How can I run a report that shows all the line items of the invoice, and all the payments and dates made against it?

I have an account that has been active and all of a sudden it shows 0 activity when I pull up chart of accounts or run and P&L or Balance Report, it's missing.  It is not categorized as "inactive".   I'm running Premier Profession Services Edition 2018.  I can see the activity in my check register with that particular account but reporting doesn't show it.  I've checked accrual versus cash and that didn't make a difference?

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Re: How can I run a report that shows all the line items of the invoice, and all the payments and...

Hello there, wwobig,


I can share some information about this report.


Currently, we're unable to generate a report showing the invoice line items alongside with the payments applied to it. We can, however, customize a Transaction Detail report to show the list of invoices and payments by date. Let me guide you how to do that:


  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Click Custom Reports.
  3. Select Transaction Detail.
  4. Click on the Filters tab.
  5. In the Search Filters field type Transaction Type.
  6. Click the Transaction Type drop-down and select Multiple Transaction Types.
  7. In the Select Transaction Types window, click Invoice and Payment.
  8. Click OK twice.
  9. In the Total By drop-down, select Customer.
  10. Update the report date.


That should show you all your invoices per customer. If you're still unable to view your transactions, I'd recommend running the Verify/Rebuild Utility Tools to identify data issues within a company file.


Please update me how this goes, wwobig. I'm just a comment away if you need further assistance.


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