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How do give a credit on an invoice?

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QuickBooks Team

How do give a credit on an invoice?

Hello, paltman100. You've come to the right place, welcome to the Community! I'll help you with this.

Adding a credit to an invoice is easy. First you'll need to create the credit memo, here's how you do it:
1. Go to the + Plus icon, then Credit Memo.
2. Choose the customer.
3. Enter the Date.
4. Fill in the Service Date, Product/Service, and Amount fields. The other sections (Description, QTY, and Rate) are optional.
5. Select Save and Close.

Once you've created it, you'll need to apply it to the invoice. Here's how:
1. In the navigation bar on the left, go to Sales, then Customers.
2. Find the customer and the invoice you want to apply the credit to.
3. Click Receive Payment. Enter the Payment date, Payment method, Reference no. (if necessary), and the Deposit to areas.
4. Confirm that the correct invoice is chosen in the Outstanding Transactions section.
5. In the Credits column, verify you're using the correct credit memo.
​​​​​6. Select Save and Close to save your changes.

It's that simple. Following these steps will help you to get a credit applied to an invoice. Additionally, I'll include a helpful article which provides more detailed information about this:

If you have any further questions, I'm only a post away.

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