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How do I correct an incorrect Accounts Payable Balance carried over from previous years in spite of repeated general journal adjusting entries?

When I do a Quick Report of my (all dates) Accounts Payable, it shows an ending balance of zero. Also on my Vendor Balance Detail Report, there are no open balances. However, on my Balance Sheet for this year, it shows an Accounts Payable balance (in error). 

How do I remove this incorrect A/P balance from my Balance Sheet?

Note: This balance has been being carried over for years. I am just finally trying to have it removed to show the correct info on my Balance Sheet.

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Just to ensure that it is not a dating error, also run th...

Just to ensure that it is not a dating error, also run the Balance sheet for 'all dates" - and verify that there is a discrepency between the gl account balance and the AP subledger balance (zero)
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These are often the Cause of these errors: "in spite of r...

These are often the Cause of these errors: "in spite of repeated general journal adjusting entries"

JE to AR and AP is not solving anything and often makes it worse.

Vendor Balances are affected by Vendor Bills, Vendor Bills changed to show they are a refund/return/Credit, and the Pay Bills function so that you can link them to each other. JE bypasses Cash Vs Accrual Basis, for one thing. So, many reports will show the JE, when the Bill would never have been seen on cash basis reporting, because the program knows how to manage by Transaction Type = Bill and Bill Credit.

There is no AP Subledger; there is a Virtual Perspective = by using Names on the transactions, you can run reports By Name. If someone tries to manage AP by a subaccount structure, that is going to present its own issues.

A JE that "Credits" AP should be replaced by a Vendor Bill = positives on the bill will be Debits to accounts used as Expense entries and the Credit is to AP by virtue of the use of Bill as the transaction type.

A JE that "Debits" AP would be replaced with a Vendor Credit, in that the positives on the Bill Credit will Credit the accounts listed and the Debit AP value is put there by the transaction.

All of this reports properly for cash vs accrual basis, and allows you to apply credits and bills to clear AP. For instance, when you run an AP Aging Summary report, any name on there showing a Total = 0, should not be on the report at all. That is the "math of 0" but all of these transactions are Unapplied to each other.

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