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How do I do this?

I had to make a personal purchase using my company credit card. I know, not really a good thing, it was a travel purchase using points and the price was greater than my point balance, so they required that I use my company card (where the points were earned) to pay the balance due. Note: I own the company, so nobody is going to fire me for this. So how do I record this? I would like to do this against owner equity. My guess: enter an expense for the amount of the purchase, payment account is the credit card, category is owner equity. Then I pay the credit card as I always do at the end of the month with no change in procedure. Alternatively, I can reimburse the credit card using my personal account. When the charge comes through on the bank feed, I select "exclude." Please advise.

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Re: How do I do this?

You're right It should be categorized under equity. And since it is a company account, you reimburse your own company. You can do it by a bank deposit