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How do I match a single deposit in banking to multiple invoices when several customers pay e-invoices w/ a credit card &/or ACH and then QB makes one batch deposit?

I understand how to use the "match" function in the Banking tab. However, it seems that once the invoices are paid electronically, they disappear from the "match" screen.  

I'm also not able to go back through the "Receive Money" --> "Deposit" workflow and match to a QB Payments entry. (Because when I go to "Receive Money" the invoices are already paid).

When I do a manual "Receive Money" --> "Deposit" for paper checks, QBO seems to create a beautiful "trail" between the Check Register and the initial transaction - one can click back through to see the history of the deposit and the invoices/payments that went into it.

However, with the QB electronic payments (ACH/credit card), I cannot seem to find that functionality.  

Please advise in detail.  You may link to QB "help" articles that I may have missed, but I really think I've read them all to no avail.

I need specific, detailed steps and explaination in your reply.
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Re: How do I match a single deposit in banking to multiple invoices when several customers pay e-...

Thank you for providing me with so much detail, info66.


I love to help you match a single deposit to multiple invoices.


When QuickBooks Online is unable to match transactions, you can search the it to find the correct one. To do this, just click the Find match button.


Here's how:

  1. Choose Banking on the left pane.
  2. On the Banking screen, click the For Review tab.
  3. Click the deposit and tick the radio button for Find match.
  4. Select the payment transactions and click Save.

To provide a visual point of reference, I’ve included screenshots below.


image.png image.png

That should get you on the right track. I'd like to make sure that you're able to resolve this concern, so please let me know how it goes by posting a comment below. Best regards. 

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