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How do I print or export a list of payee/vendor aliases?

Several of our medical payers use multuiple accounts to pay claims for their clients.  I have 2 scenarios where having access to a list outside of QB would be helpful:  1) Where I would need to search for a payee based off of other similarly used aliases in the past or 2) To train a new employee on certain name patterns to expedite reconciliation of our bank accounts.
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QuickBooks Team

How do I print or export a list of payee/vendor aliases?

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @spittlbm.


You can print or export the list of vendor aliases by following the steps below:


  1. Click Reports, then choose the Vendors/Payables tab.
  2. Select the Vendor Contact List icon. If the name doesn't show, you can customize it. 



      3. Hit the Customize Report tab to show the specific vendor aliases. 

      4. From the Columns box, locate the list and put a check-mark.

      5. Tap OK




       6. In the Vendor Contact List report, hit Print or Excel drop down-arrow. 





However, if the columns still not showing, you'll need to add a custom field in the vendor's profile. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to Vendors Center, double click the Vendor's name. 
  2. In the pop-up window, select Additional Info, then under Vendor type choose Aliases.
  3. Tap Define Fields, then put a check-mark in the Vendor line and click OK
  4. Hit OK.



Once done, you can go back to the Vendor Contact List report to check if you're able to see the columns. 


For additional insight on how to filter reports, you can check this link: Customize reports in QBDT


Currently, name patterns to expedite the reconciliation of the bank accounts is unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). However, I can present to you these articles that will help you on how to reconcile, fix error when reconciling, and it's related topics:



And also, you can browse this link to know more about the important task that needs to complete for the upcoming year-end: QuickBooks year-end guide.


Let me know if you need further assistance. I’m always here to help. Take good care!

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How do I print or export a list of payee/vendor aliases?

Unfortunately, I do not see any column option related to vendor aliases.


How do I print or export a list of payee/vendor aliases?

Hello there, @spittlbm.


You can add the payee/vendor aliases in the report by adding filters like columns. However, this field should be available on their profile. To see this option, you need to enter a custom field for the alias. Please note that if you have multiple aliases for your vendors, you need to enter also several custom fields.


You may refer to the steps and the 5th screenshot provided by my colleague. After that, run the Vendor Contact List report again and customize it to add the vendor aliases column.


Here's how: 

  1. From the Vendor Contact List report, click the Customize Report button.
  2. Click the Display button.
  3. Under COLUMNS, select the custom field you added in the vendor's profile. 
  4. Hit OK

If the column option for vendor aliases is still not available, add the custom field and run the report in a sample file to isolate this unexpected behavior. If you see that option in the sample file, go back to your company file to run some troubleshooting steps for data issues within the company. 


First, make sure to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release so you always have the latest features and fixes. You may refer to the following article for the steps per version: Download latest release.


After that, use this link for more troubleshooting steps to fix this issue in QuickBooks Desktop: Resolve data damage.


Meanwhile, custom fields cannot be added to the columns display in the reconciliation window. If you wish to see the aliases when reconciling, you need to enter them in the payee/vendor transactions' memo field. Then, add columns in the Reconcile page.


Here's how to add the Memo column:

  1. In the Reconcile window, click the Columns to Display button.
  2. In the Customize Columns window, mark Memo under the CHECKS & PAYMENTS and the DEPOSITS AND OTHER CREDITS.
  3. Select OK.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any other questions. I'll be happy help you some more. 

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How do I print or export a list of payee/vendor aliases?

Cigna alone has 47 aliases because they seem to use a payment ID in their ACH names.


This is a wildly inelegant solution.  Disappointed.


How do I print or export a list of payee/vendor aliases?

Hi there, spittlbm, 


Currently, the maximum number of entries in the Vendor custom fields is 15. Adding the 47 aliases of your medical payer Cigna helps you manage a payment ID in their ACH names. With this, I'll take note of your suggestion and submit this directly to our product engineers. They can look into it for future product enhancements. I'd also suggest performing the alternative methods provided by my peers above on how to run the Vendor Contact List report and reconcile your bank account. 


If you're using the 2019 version, visit this website: What's New. This link provides you more details about our product improvements that can benefit you and your business. 


Feel free to leave a comment below if you need further assistance. I’m here to make sure you’re taken care of, spittlbm. 

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