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How do i send an invoice

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QuickBooks Team

How do i send an invoice

Greetings, @OIHStest2.

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. I’m here to walk you through on how to create and send an invoice in QuickBooks Online.

You can send an invoice to bill your customer for products or services you’ve given. Make sure an email address was added to customer’s profile so you can send the invoice.

Here’s how to add an email address to the customer’s profile:
1.    Click Sales from the left pane and choose Customers.
2.    Locate the name of the customer.
3.    Click the Customer Details tab and select Edit.
4.    Enter the email address in the Email field.
5.    Click Save

Once done, you can now create and send an invoice. Here’s how:
1.    Click the Plus (+) icon and select Invoice.
2.    Enter the necessary information.
3.    Click Save and send on the lower right hand of the screen. 

For reference, you may take a look at this article:

By following the steps above, you’ll be able to send an invoice successfully.

Let me know if you need anything else. I’ll be around to help. Enjoy your day!

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