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How do I set our class tracking division field always be empty, unless I set it?

The vast majority of our invoices go out from our main company name. A very small percentage use our other DBA, which is marked in the system as a division using class tracking.

At one point we set this up always create a new invoice, estimate, transactions, etc. with the division field empty. We only occasionally need the DBA division marked.

However, this now seems broken and everything we create has the division. We can clear it out, but would rather not have to do this with every action we take.
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QuickBooks Team

How do I set our class tracking division field always be empty, unless I set it?

Good day, @accounting41.


Welcome to the Community space. I can share some information about the division field in QuickBooks.


QBO has a sticky setting feature where it will remember the previous information and continue to use that unless you change it. This is the same when creating an invoice and assigning a division, the field will remember the previous one.


I have two options for you:

  • You can create a dummy transaction which doesn't have any division with it. The field remains blank until you select a division on the next transaction.
  • You can temporarily turn off the division tracking. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. In the navigational bar, click Advanced.
  4. Select Categories.
  5. Uncheck the Track Location box
  6. Click Save and then Done.


You can turn on division tracking once again if needed.


Let me know which option you prefer by adding a comment below, accounting41. I'm still here to help you more if you have other questions for me. Have a good one!

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