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How do I track online payments to vendors?

I used the QB service to send checks from my bank to vendors. Nobody has received anything.
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How do I track online payments to vendors?

The payment status can affect when the amount is taken out from your account, @sb34.


This in turn can affect when your vendors will receive the money. I can share a couple of steps to ensure you can track all bill payments in QuickBooks Online.


If you're using our QuickBooks Online Bill Pay service, you can use the Payment Tracker to monitor them. There are two ways on how to achieve this. First is through the  Online Bill Pay - Sent Payments tab. Here's how:


  1. Click the+ New button.
  2. Under Vendors, select Pay Bills Online.
  3. Tap the Sent Payments tab.

The second one is through the Transactions menu. Let me guide you how:


  1. From the left menu, choose Transactions.
  2. Go to Expenses,and then select a payment row to open the payment details.
  3. Click See Confirmation.


Also, you'll want to pull up a bill-related report to monitor all your paid and unpaid bills and the payments that go with them. Just navigate the Reports menu, and then select the desired report from the What you owe section. Please see the screenshot below for visual guide.



I'm always around to help if you have more questions about managing your bills in QuickBooks Online. Take care and stay safe always, @sb34.

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How do I track online payments to vendors?

Thanks.  I actually found out what happened.  The payments were processed, the money taken out of my account, and QB said paper checks were mailed out.  However no vendor received them.  They are refunding me and I am sending regular checks.  Thanks for your long reply though.  QB can be challenging for me sometimes!

Tori B
QuickBooks Team

How do I track online payments to vendors?

Hey there, @sb34


Thank you for letting us know that you've found a solution. Happy to see you're back in business! 


Please feel free to reach out to the Community any time you have questions or concerns. Take care and have a great week!

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How do I track online payments to vendors?

I am using QBO to send vendors checks. I do not see where you can create a transaction list to follow the payment trail. I followed the instructions that you provided but there is no way to tell the difference between payments I am sending via ACH and checks sent from Quickbooks online? I NEED TO KNOW, if, what and when the payments from the "pay invoices online, with paper checks" - There are two people in my company that use quickbooks for payments. The do not know from what is in quickbooks, of the other had processed a payment...ACH, paper check or EFT?


Please help.


Thank you

Kelsa Coker




QuickBooks Team

How do I track online payments to vendors?

Hello there, @ELYINC.


Allow me to share some details about tracking your payments through Check, ACH, or EFT in QuickBooks Online.


Let me address your questions one at a time. First, you can run a Transaction List by Vendor in the Reports menu. Here's how you can do that:


  1. Go to the Reports menu, enter Transaction List by Vendor in the search box.
  2. Customize the Report period and the specific transactions or vendor's name you'd like to see in the Customize button.
  3. After modifying the report, click Run report.


This is how it looks like to modify the Transaction List by Report:



Regarding your second concern, there are different types of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is one of these transactions. If the user of your company recorded the payment in QuickBooks Online through ACH, or other integrated third party app you can still track it by running the same report I've mentioned above.


However, if the payment was done outside QuickBooks Online and the user was not able to record it manually in QuickBooks such as creating a Check, Pay Bills, or Expense transaction in the + New button, you'll need to run a different type of report. To do that you can get it in the Banking page. You can check the negative amount (Debit transactions), the description, and the exact date. This is how it looks like:



If it's not showing in the For Review tab. you can check the Categorized or the Excluded tab. If it has been reconciled, you can look for the specific transaction in the Bank Register.


To know more about the reports you can use to track the bill transaction payments, you can check out this article: Track your cash flow in QuickBooks Online.


I've also added this article about managing your bills in QuickBooks Online: Enter bills and record bill payments in QuickBooks Online.


You're always welcome to let me know in the comment section if you need further assistance. I'd be happy to guide you all the way!

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How do I track online payments to vendors?

This is wonderful information. My main concern is tracking the vendor check payments that Quickbooks make for my company with the new ‘online payment’ option. 

Can I check or run a report on the progress of payments made by Quickbooks? Is there a list of payments someone I can review?


thank you again.

QuickBooks Team

How do I track online payments to vendors?

Hello, ELYINC.


Great to see you here in the QuickBooks Community. I'd be happy to help share the steps how you can generate the report that you need. 


We can pull up the Transaction List by Customer report and customize a filter on Transaction Type to "Payments".  


Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Reports.  
  3. Tap Customize.
  4. Select the Report Period "All Dates or the specific date".
  5. Press Filter, and tick Transaction Type and select "Payments".
  6. Click Run Report.








You can also memorize this report to save its customization. Feel free to read these article for the detailed steps:  



I'm just a quick post away if you need a helping hand in managing your reports. Don't hesitate to tag me in your comments. Stay safe!

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