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How to i create credit and then apply it to a recurring invoice

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Re: How to i create credit and then apply it to a recurring invoice

Greetings, @zjadia.


I have just the steps you'll need to apply a Credit Memo to a Recurring Invoice. The process works the same regardless of whether or not the invoice is recurring. Here's how you can achieve this:


Create and Apply a Credit Memo

  1. From QuickBooks Online, click the Plus (+) icon and select Credit Memo.
  2. Select the Customer whose recurring invoice you need to credit, and fill out the amount and the Product/Service you're using to credit them with. Once finished, click Save and close.
  3. Navigate to the Recurring Invoice and open it. In the top-right corner, click Receive Payment.
  4. On the Payment screen, ensure the Invoice is checked, and then check the Credit Memo you created in the section at the bottom.
  5. If applicable, enter the payment details for the Invoices remaining balance, and click Save and close once finished.

I'm including a link to our thorough guide on creating and applying credit memos that I'm sure you'll find helpful. The video tutorial below can also offer more information:


With these resources, you can create and apply credits to recurring invoices with ease. Please touch base with me here should you need any additional assistance, I'm always up to talk QuickBooks. Thanks for coming to the Community and take care.

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