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How To: Put multiple ship dates for line items on a Sales Order?

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How To: Put multiple ship dates for line items on a Sales Order?

Welcome to the Community, AF1.


In QuickBooks Desktop, the option to set multiple ship dates for line items on Sales Order is unavailable. However, you can utilize the Description column to get the desired information on your Sales Order.


Please see the sample screenshot:


If you want a report that shows all your open sales orders, you can pull up the Transaction Lists by Customer report and customize it. I'll show you how:

  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Customers and Receivables.
  2. Select the Transaction List by Customer.
  3. Click Customize Report
  4. Go to the Filters tab. 
  5. Under the Choose Filter list, select Transactions Type
  6. Under Account to the right, click the drop-down and select Sales Order.
  7. Go back to the Filter section and click on Paid Status.
  8. Tick on Open.
  9. Click OK.

I've also added this article about customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


We're always here if you have any other concerns with QuickBooks.

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