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How to search for a list for checks by number range?

I would like to run a report of checks that I have written and WITH a filter option for a certain range of check numbers. For example when I had QB desktop and ran a report it would give me two boxes to enter check range and I could search for a certain check sequence (ie: numbers 1255-1390) Now that I am using QB online, I can only see a "NUM" option in the filters and while it will search for one check number at a time, I would like to search for a range of number. How do I do this?


I just switched to QB online and am learning my way around. Thank you for the help.

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Re: How to search for a list for checks by number range?

Welcome to the Community, @joseph_asp.


I'd like to help share some insights about customizing the Check Detail report in QBO.


At this time, we can only search for one check number at a time on the number filter of the report. You may filter it by division and date period, however, the option to select the numbers by range is unavailable. 


For more information about customizing reports, you can refer to this related blog: Customizing Reports.


Also, I'd like to include this link to help you with everything you need in learning your way around QuickBooks Online: Resources for getting started with QBO.


Please feel free to get back to me if you have other questions about using QBO. I want to help however I can.