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I am not interested in Melio. Why am I being force to pay bills this way?

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I am not interested in Melio. Why am I being force to pay bills this way?

You can still print checks, but Intuit has made it as difficult as possible, because they want us to use their "FREE" 3rd party business partner to pay our bills online.  One of my three companies was unlucky enough to be chosen for the "Upgrade" and it appears we are Intuit's Beta Testers, because it is a steaming TERD they are working very hard to polish and present as a free value addition.


Customer Service Interaction:

Far from that, this button is an upgrade that enables you to pay your bills online by simply clicking a button- you have the option to schedule all your payments out- tell us where you want to pay from and how you want them to get paid- check or direct deposit. And it's free! (yes, we'll print and send all your checks for free!)  


Lucky us, right?? It's sounds wonderful and it is FREE so they hid the print button!! As a business owner, I want to choose how I pay bills and I like to cut my own checks. No Thank You! 


But if you still wish to send your own checks, go to the bill, click on the button next to the 'schedule online payment' and i know it says 'Mark as Paid,' but trust me. Click on it.  You can then print a check. 


Except when I press "Mark as Paid", FYI Intuit... this is the last button I would think to press BEFORE being able to print a check, it just zeros out the balance due and does not let me print. The Customer Service person found a work around, but I will probably have to call them back when I print my next check, because it is not something I will remember. No Thank You!


I'd be happy to hop on a call with you and tell you a bit more about it and how easy it makes bill paying


"NO" means no. I just want a print button that works so I can print checks. A phone call to sell me on a service I have no desire to use does not help me at all.

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