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I would like to make labels with customers addresses

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I would like to make labels with customers addresses

Hello there, @Anonymous.


It's pleasure to have you here in the Community. I'm here to share some information about adding or making labels with your customers' addresses in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Just to clarify, do you mean you want to print your customers' addresses with a label? If so, this option is currently unavailable in QBO. However, you might want to consider printing a packing slip as an alternative. You can attach it inside your shipping pouch or in the package itself. Here's how:


1. Go to the Sales menu at the left panel, then pick Customers tab.
2. Double-click the customer's name, then go to the Transaction List tab to display a list of their transactions.

3. Then put a checkmark on the boxes next to each invoice or sales receipt for which you want to print a Packing Slip/Delivery Note.
4. Click the Batch Actions drop-down, then choose Print packing slip.
5. Then the print preview screen will open so you can select the Print icon at the top.


I also added some sample screenshots for your guide.





For your reference, you may check out this article for more information: How to create a packing slip or packing slip.


On the other hand, you can also pull up and export the Customer Contact List report and create labels from there. Here's how:


1. Go to Reports menu at the left panel, then type Customer Contact List in the search field.
2. Click on the Export icon, then choose Export to Excel.


I can see how this feature would be helpful for you and your business. While this option isn't available yet, I encourage you to submit a feedback to our Product Development Team for review when determining features to be added in updates. This can be done directly within your QBO account by clicking the Gear icon in the top right corner, then select Feedback or by going to the following link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests. I'm going to submit feedback from my side as well.


That's it! Please let me know how it goes or if you're referring to something else by leaving a comment. I'll be right here if you need further assistance. Have a great weekend.

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I would like to make labels with customers addresses

Thank you, but no, packing slips won't work for us.   We need an adhesive label that we can stick onto a  newsletter.    Just brainstorming, I could see telling Quickbooks to download address data onto Excel and then printing labels using Excel.   But I was hoping others would have some better suggestions.

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