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Inventory label

I would like to print inventory parts bin labels with the part number and the description.  Is there a way to do that?


QuickBooks Team

Re: Inventory label

Thanks for taking the time to post here in the Community, @havre57.


I'll help make sure you're able to print inventory labels with the part number and the description. 


Yes, you'll need to manually open each item and print the details you need. Here's how: 


  1. Go to Lists menu at the top. 
  2. Select Item List
  3. Double-click the item to open it. 
  4. On the Type drop-down, select Inventory Assembly
  5. Make sure the details are correct, then click Print
  6. On the Print Lists window, click Preview
  7. On the Print Preview page, choose Print. You can see the part number and the description of the item. 


For more information about QuickBooks items, you can visit this helpful article: Add, Edit, and Delete Items. If you want to learn more about customization of item reports, here's an article you can refer to: Customize Item Reports


The steps above will help you with printing inventory labels that reflect the part number and the description, @havre57.


Please go back on this thread if you have other concerns. I'm always here to help. 

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Re: Inventory label

This is not feasible at all.  I have 2000 items, It would be faster to hand write them.  Is there a way to export to mail merge?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Inventory label

Thanks for getting back to the QuickBooks Community, havre57.


Currently, QuickBooks Desktop doesn't have a feature to export the item list information to mail merge. You'll need to open each item and manually print it.


However, you may want to check a third-party application by visiting this website to see if there's an option of exporting the item to mail merge. 


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Have a good one. 

Community Explorer **

Re: Inventory label

There are limits to the data elements that can be used on a label , in QuickBooks.  You can use 3rd party Apps like Label Connector from Accuware.  QuickBooks Label capability does not support description on labels. 

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