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Inventory Stock Status by Site export error

Does anyone know why when I export the Inventory Stock Status by Site report to excel the formulas are wrong for the on hand qty for other sites? I have to go in and correct them for the correct total to calculate but before I export the report the totals are correct. I pasted a few pictures for referencedoes match report A Report A Does mtach report B Report B

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Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

Inventory Stock Status by Site export error

Good morning, @kperry.


Since you're having issues with exporting your reports to Microsoft Excel, a few updates will fix this issue.


Tip: If you're using Microsoft Office 365, use the version installed on your computer. Don't use the browser version.


First, let's go ahead and ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop company file is up to date.


Next, if you're still having issues when exporting your report, you can repair Microsoft Office.


If you're still experiencing issues, refer back to this article for more detailed information about fixing problems with Excel: Fix export to Excel issues in QuickBooks Desktop.


Let me know if the steps above do the trick. If you have any more questions or concerns, I'm only a comment away!

Level 3

Inventory Stock Status by Site export error

Thank you Kendra! I will update to the 20.0 version and will let you know if it fixed my problem. 

Level 3

Inventory Stock Status by Site export error

Unfortunately the updating didn't not fix this error. The report still exports with the incorrect formula and now when I try and send a bill payment email I get kicked out of QB. So now I have a whole new set of problems UUGGHH!

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Inventory Stock Status by Site export error

Thanks for reaching back out to the Community, @kperry


This is not the impression I want to leave you with. I want to ensure that you're able to get this resolved and back to running your business. Since you're starting to have another issue with a bill payment email as well, then I suggest repairing your QuickBooks Desktop. This tool can help fix common errors within your account. Don't worry. It will only take a few simple steps and then you'll be on your way. 

  1. Back up your company file, if you haven't already. 
  2. Restart your computer to make sure that there aren't any programs that will affect this tool while running. 
  3. Click the Windows Start menu and then the Control Panel
  4. Choose Programs and Features, then Uninstall Program
  5. From the list pick QuickBooks and then Uninstall/Change
  6. Press Continue, or Next
  7. Hit Repair and then Next.  Note: Right away the repair will start. Leave the tool running until done. (May take a while in some cases)
  8. Select Finish afterward. Note: You may need to restart your computer to fully complete the repair. 

That's it! Learn more about the repair tool by checking out this guide. 


Touch base with me after using this tool. I'll be waiting for your response. 

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