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Invoice Template

I am just setting up POS 19 Pro and QB Pro 2020.

When I print out a Customer Statement in QB Pro it shows the Item Name and Item # under the Item Column.

I only want to show the Item Names (Key Card, Storage), NOT the Item Numbers (#41 #19).

This information comes over from POS, I need the Detailed information in QB, But I would rather the Item Numbers did not display.

How do I change what information displays under the Item Column on a Invoice or Statement?

I want to omit the #41 and #19 from the printed Invoice and Statement.



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QuickBooks Team

Invoice Template

Thanks for reaching out to us today, @Gmayer.


I'll share with you the steps on how you can remove the item number. Let's go to your item list to see it.


  1. Go to Lists at the top. Then, select Item List.
  2. Double-click the item in question to Edit Item.
  3. Click OK.

After editing, go back to printing a statement again. For details, check out this guide: Add, edit, and delete items.


If you need help with other customer tasks, click this link to go to our general topics with articles.


Please know that you're always welcome to come back to this thread if you have questions. I'm always here to help. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

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Invoice Template

The POS Items do not come over to QB Financials they do not synchronize.

There are no Items in my QB Financials side to edit.

All of my items are held in POS only.


Invoice Template

Thanks for getting back to us, Gmayer.


QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop doesn't sync automatically in the initial setup. You still need to set up the Financial Exchange structure. This is a process of sharing information between these two programs.


Here are the processes that we'll take to set up the Financial Exchange Structure between QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, change the Preferences for the Financial Exchange Setup.
  2. Establish the connection between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks POS.
  3. Initiate a Financial Exchange of data between the two programs.
  4. Review what data, activities, and accounts are affected during the exchange process.

To see the detailed steps on each process, you can visit this link: Financial Exchange Overview.


Here's also another link for reference: QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sales with QuickBooks.


We'll be right here if you have additional questions regarding the exchange process.

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Invoice Template

My POS and QBdt do synchronize (Customers, Vendors, Receipts) but the Exchange process does not send the Items over from POS to QBdt. The items stay in POS only. When I do the exchange, the receipt goes over to QBdt, Then I view the invoice in QBdt, that's when I'm seeing Item and Item Number listed in the invoice.

Kristine Mae

Invoice Template

We want this resolved as much as you do, Gmayer.


I suggest reaching out to our customer care support. A live agent has more tools that can investigate this further. Here's how:

  1. Click Help inside QuickBooks.
  2. Go to QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click Contact US.
  4. Enter "Items from POS not synching" in the description field, then click Continue.
  5. Select either Message an Agent or Talk to a Specialist

Let me share the QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Customer Resource Center as a future reference. You can get links to user guides, phone numbers, or even a local expert: Support resources.


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have other concerns. We're right here to help you.

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