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Invoices sent under wrong income account

New to quickbooks... set up some products/services and put them under the wrong income account.  The invoices are sent and I noticed under the P/L.  I changed the income accounts on these products/services, but can I edit the invoices to show correctly in the P/L?

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QuickBooks Team

Invoices sent under wrong income account

I'll help you show the invoices to the correct account, Jkukawica.


If these are services or non-inventory items, when you change the income account, ensure to tick the Also update this account in historical transactions box. This way, the invoice amount will show in the correct account in the Profit and Loss report. 


If these are inventory items, when you change the income account, it will automatically transfer the amount to the right account. 












Although, if it didn't transfer the historical transactions or amounts automatically, you can edit the invoice. Delete the item, then re-add it again. This way, our system will recognize the new income account the item is linked to. 


Once done, pull up the Profit and Loss report again. The amount will show in the correct account already. 


I'm just around if you need more help with this. Don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

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