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My intuit payment fee are going in my register 2 times on every charge

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Re: My intuit payment fee are going in my register 2 times on every charge

It's my please to share some steps to remove duplicate Merchant fees on the register, @kerrier27,


There are a few reasons why you're seeing double entries for QuickBooks Payment fees. Consider the following:


  • QuickBooks is enabled for Online Banking and using the Merchant Services Deposits utility at the same time.
  • Connectivity issues with the system during the data sync.


To resolve the first scenario, you'll need to decide which feature to keep. Both processes create duplicate data in QuickBooks. Using the online banking process downloads all your bank information. While Merchant Services, only downloads funds related to your merchant transactions or activities.


In the meantime, you can exclude the other fee to correct the bank balance. Here's how to exclude and delete a transaction in the Banking page:


  1. Click the For Review tab.
  2. Mark the box next to each charge you are excluding.
  3. Select the Batch action drop-down menu and choose Exclude selected.
  4. Tap the Excluded tab.
  5. Mark the excluded items and click the Batch actions button once more.
  6. Hit Delete.


However, if this is a connection issue, check out the "4 things to consider if you're having connectivity issues" section of this article: Resolve Duplicate Merchant Service Deposits.


If you have additional question or need further assistance, please feel free to update this thread anytime. I'll be more than glad to help! Have a good one.

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