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My invoices to my customers never get delivered

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My invoices to my customers never get delivered

Hi there, motorcity15,


I'm here to provide you the steps so your customers will receive their invoices.


You need to ensure that the email address of your customer is correct. Please edit it if needed and try to send the invoice again.


If the same issue persists, let's first configure your email setup to ensure that you have entered the correct email. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. Go to the Company on the left panel.
  4. Click the Pencil icon for Contact info.
  5. Clear the Company email address field to enter the complete address.
  6. Make sure not to use any extra characters or spaces before, within, or after the address you enter.
  7. Click Save, then Done.

Please see the attached screenshots for your guidance. Next, let's try to send yourself an invoice to test it.


If you're still getting the same results, I recommend reaching out to an IT professional to add QuickBooks Online (QBO) mail server host names and IP address to your ongoing mail servers. By doing so, this allows to pass through your mail server to accept QBO mail server host names and IP addresses.


Please check out this article and go to Solution 3 for the host names and IP address: 3 solutions for when customers aren't receiving your emails.


The solution above will help you fix the issue. You can always get back to me if you need clarifications with the process by leaving a comment below. I’ll be here whenever you need my help.

Level 1

My invoices to my customers never get delivered

I have edited the email address under the customer info and she is still not getting them



Level 1

My invoices to my customers never get delivered

The solution you suggested is not the the email  that needs edited. My issue is my customer getting their invoices  I am sending. Keeps going too an address not even listed on the account.




My invoices to my customers never get delivered

Let me give additional steps so you can email invoices to your customer, @amyb60.


You did great in performing the initial troubleshooting steps. To further help you resolve the issue, let's clear your browser's cache. This method will remove damaged and corrupted files, which can cause performance issues in the QBO.


Once done, sign in to your QuickBooks Online account and email invoices again


If the same result, I suggest reaching out to our technical support team to access your account in a private place and determine the root cause of the issue. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Help menu and select Contact Us.
  2. From the What can we help you with? enter My customers are not getting my emails out of QuickBooks.
  3. Then, click Continue.
  4. Choose either Chat with us or Have us call you.


Then, to get a list of all payments and invoices for each of your customers, you can pull up the Invoices and Received Payments Report. Just go to the Reports menu and scroll down to the Who owes you section. Then, customize it so it will only show the info you need.  


Don't hesitate to leave a reply below if you need further assistance sending invoices to your customers. I'm always here to help. Have a good one. 

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