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Payments transaction list by customer that displays invoices tied to those payments?



I am using Quickbooks Enterprise 2021. Based on what I've read on these forums (going back several years), there is no functionality to tie specific paid invoices to the payment that was applied to it. Can someone confirm if that is still the case? This functionality would significantly improve my workflow and it seems like a trivial thing to add to a piece of accounting software.


Can you add a field that displays the check number for the payment on the invoice lines within the transaction list by customer report?


Here's an example:

Payment      Invoice

282123       812343

282123       812567

212313       821456



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QuickBooks Team

Payments transaction list by customer that displays invoices tied to those payments?

I've got the information that you need for your invoice number on reports concern, @ttra.


At this time, being able to have the invoice number that's associated with the payment to show up on the customer's report isn't available.


For now, to get the information that you need, you can customize the Transaction List by Customer report to show all the payments and manually add the invoice number on the Memo field.


To customize the report:

  1. Click on Reports at the top menu bar.
  2. Refer to Customers & Receivables.
  3. Choose Transaction List by Customers
  4. Hit on Customize Report.
  5. Tick on the Filters tab.
  6. Under FILTER choose Transaction Type.
  7. Under Transaction Type select Payment.
  8. Tap on OK

Once done, you can now manually enter the invoice number of the payment to the Memo field since the number that will show up in the NUM column is the reference number of the payment. Please see the screenshot attached for your reference: 


To give you more details about the different reports that you can pull up in QBDT together with how to customize them, please check out this link: Available reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


I can see the importance and convenience of being able to run a single report that shows payments received and their corresponding invoice numbers for you and your business. Our developers are always finding ways to improve the program. I'd encourage you to check out our Firm of the Future site regularly, to be updated with our product road-maps.


You can always visit the Community if there's anything else that you need. I'll be around to lend a helping hand. Have a nice day!

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Payments transaction list by customer that displays invoices tied to those payments?



I appreciate your suggestion for a workaround but this would create hours of extra work as we process hundreds of invoices each month. Please consider this my request for this functionality to be added to quickbooks.


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