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Populating Service Date from Timesheet

I fill out all my hours in the appropriate day in the weekly timesheet, but when I pull them into my invoice, the date generated is the date of the invoice, not the date the service was provided.  I can change this manually but I would like it to just populate from the timesheet.  Anyone have any advice?

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Populating Service Date from Timesheet

Pleased to see you here, @Crux4201.


I'm here to help isolate and fix the issue you're getting when adding the billable hours created in timesheet into an invoice.


I tried this here on my end to see if I get the same results but I didn't. We also haven't received any reports from other users regarding this issue, but I know a workaround that can help fix this.


Try to use the incognito or private browsing mode. Your browser's settings or old cache might have caused this unexpected behavior while using QuickBooks Online.


Here's how to switch to incognito mode:


Press the Ctrl + Shift + N (Google Chrome) keys on your keyboard.


After that, log into your QuickBooks Online account, then create an invoice and try adding the billable hours again. If it works using the Incognito mode, go back to your regular browser and perform clear cache to remove temporary internet files on your computer. Please refer to this article for more information: How do I clear temporary internet files and cache.


That should get you fixed right up. But if the issue persists, please let me know so we can try other steps to get this working for you. I'm always here to help you out.

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