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Problems Seeing Transactions on Profit and Loss Report

I entered my fiscal budget into QB online, and then ran Budget v. Actual P&L for the fiscal year.  The budget is there, but not all my actual transactions.  I confirmed I am running the report for the full fiscal year (July - June) and the transactions are within the period.  I opened another tab and ran a general P&L for the same period, and both are on accrual basis.  The transactions are showing up in the general P&L, but not in the budget v. actual report.  Is there a setting I am missing in the budget v. actual?  Missing transactions are occurring on several different lines, and ones that have a budget associated with them.  In travel, the budget v. actual is actually higher than the general P&L.  Any help would be appreciated!  

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Problems Seeing Transactions on Profit and Loss Report

Hi there, @ccadigan001!


Let's review the details of your budget to check if they've set up appropriately. You can consider this as one of the reason why your unable to see he list of your transactions.


If there's an need to update any details, you can delete and recreate it so you can select the appropriate set up and enter the correct details of your budget.


Once completed, you can pull up your Budget vs Actual report via incognito or private window of your browser so that it'll not affect the saved cache of your browser. To do so:

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Option + P

Please let me know how it works in the comment section down below or if you have any other concerns. I'll always be around ready to help.

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Problems Seeing Transactions on Profit and Loss Report

I think I found the answer in starting to do what you suggested, though it was not what you suggested :-).


I think my problem was I selected the customization to only show accounts with budgeted amounts.  I have some subaccounts that have activities but not parents.  So when I check that option, the subaccounts do not populate.  I am assuming that checkbox is driving parent/main accounts and not subaccounts?  If I do not check that customization, the transactions appear in the subaccounts, and I am good to go.


Do you think I am right in the correction?

QuickBooks Team

Problems Seeing Transactions on Profit and Loss Report

I appreciate you getting back to us, ccadigan001.


Yes, you're absolutely correct. And I'm happy you were able to find out the resolution about the missing transactions in the report.


You might also want to check out these articles to learn how to manage budgets and customize your reports:


Please know that the Community is always here if you need more assistance with QuickBooks. Cheering you to continued success!

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