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Progress invoicing from estimate

Is there a way to invoice from an estimate for a specific dollar amount from the entire estimate, not per line item?  I have a client that bills in installments that affect the entire estimate, not a specific line item.  But he doesn't want to do a percentage, just a specific dollar amount.  Progress invoicing does not give me this option.  It's all based on line item which is a little

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Progress invoicing from estimate

Thanks for explaining what you're trying to accomplish, @sljwest.


I've got some information to share about creating an invoice from an estimate for a specific dollar amount.


In QuickBooks Online, generating an invoice from an estimate for a specific dollar amount isn't an option for us. This should be done per line item. Having an estimate for a particular dollar amount is only applicable from a billable expense.


I've added here some articles that you can read through about handling billable expenses:

Additionally, QuickBooks aims to provide you the best customer service. That being said, our developers are constantly uncovering ways to make the product work the way your business needs. I'd encourage you to visit our QuickBooks Online Blog to be updated with our latest news and updates including product improvements. 


This should get you moving today.


Please know that our doors are always open should you have any concerns with QuickBooks. We're always happy to help. Wishing you all the best!

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